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How Londoners Wear Silk Scarves in Spring

Spring came to London with a lot of snow this year, and even when it melts it is often still chilly and rainy; as usual for the first part of spring. In these “grey days” people with silk scarves become more noticeable in the city because there are fewer of them and they look brighter than others. Here we’ll look at how, and why, wearing a silk scarf in the cold is so great.

It has become very popular to wear silk scarves on handbags in spring and winter. A designer handbag is a real heirloom. We collect and wear them for years, and scarf allows the wearer to change their look with depending on the trends, or to match an outfit. Look how elegantly Ani tied her silk scarf on her handbag! She loves designer silk scarves and colours. Scarf styling tip from Ani: “Don’t be afraid to play with colours.” Yes, colours make us feel better especially in “colour hungry’ seasons.

There is a common belief that silk scarves are for summer and woolly ones for winter. Do you know that silk is a protein fiber and, chemically, is similar to human hair? Everyone knows that it’s cold without hairs and warmer with them. Natural silk has an amazing ability to warm and cool simultaneously.

Of course, we need warmth in early spring and different wool scarves are wonderful for wearing outside, but most of the time we spend in offices and meetings where we want to look good. Here, silk scarves become the best solution as a unique accessory that keeps you warm as well.

It was fabulously summarised by Ceri in his scarf styling tip: “Silk scarves for inside, wool ones for outside in cold days.” He was in a cashmere scarf on top of his coat and likes to wear silk scarves under his coat as an accessory; showing his personal style and keeping warm in the cold too. It is great styling advice from a thoughtful kind Londoner who, during his lunchtime, takes a homeless man’s dog, Ben, for a walk. In that chilly, windy, grey day with snow and rain, there were not even squirrels to be seen, who are usually asking for treats. And all birds, including the famous pelicans, sat huddled on the ice of the frozen lake in St James’ Park. Ceri and Ben were the only two happy souls in the park, enjoying the game of fetch.

Dapper Robin, a writer and poet, is an absolute silk scarf lover and wears them all year round because of their unique special look and ability to warm and cool, being lightweight and soft. He prefers to wear a silk scarf around his neck as a finishing touch to his impeccable contemporary sartorial look, choosing scarves from his collection of designer silk scarves.

A silk scarf is a “must have” for a woman, especially in early spring and winter. The main reasons are:

1) We tend to wear more knitted garments in cold weather and many necklaces are catchy and create pulls. A silk scarf can be styled in many different ways including as a necklace, without leaving snags.

2) It’s very easy to catch a cold in spring; that’s why those who need to talk with clients at work, need to keep their throat and chest warm. A silk scarf is the best option: soft and lightweight, with its natural luster and delicate appearance, it keeps your throat and chest warm and elegantly compliments an outfit.

A silk scarf works great for any occasion, all day through. I met with Anna, Co-Founder of Fennec London and my daughter, in a beautiful Sky Garden to celebrate International Women’s Day. After our meeting, she was going to the theatre and wore a sophisticated long dress complimented by a Fennec London silk pocket square tied on her handbag (see 1st photo for another idea of silk scarf styling on handbags), which made her orange clutch work fabulously with the mint green dress. I was going to a special talk “The XX Factor: Women's Role in Peace-making”, at The House of Commons, after the Sky Garden and brought more colour and life to my classical dress with the Fennec London signature scarf.

At that amazing event, about women and peace, in the famous Committee Room 14, where Margaret Thatcher became the leader of the Conservative party in 1975, I met the inspiring Julia Babette Sarah Neuberger, Baroness Neuberger, DBE, member of the British House of Lords (bottom right) and British politician, Baroness Helic - both ladies looked elegant and stylish in silk scarves, and I felt great wearing a silk scarf as well.

In conclusion, the silk scarf styling tip from Chloe, a gorgeous burlesque performer, is the winner: “Silk scarves are always elegant and elevate even a casual outfit.”

Chloe wore a scarf from her grandmother; a beautiful, memorable gift, that is easy to keep and very useful during her travels to different towns and countries - another great thing about silk scarves.

In early spring in London, men and women wear silk scarves mostly around necks and under their coats, topped up with the woolly ones on very cold days, for fashion and comfort, and to keep warm. They can also be seen on their handbags as a unique accessory. Silk scarves never go to shelves for storage and will keep bringing joy and pleasure of wearing them in coming warm summer day, happily reflecting sunshine.

For summer silk scarf styling inspiration and tips please follow Fennec London on social media. Links are at the bottom of the webpage.

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