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Versatile Unisex Designer Silk Scarves

Fennec London was created by Alla, a Textile Engineer and Photographer, and Anna, an Artist who has worked with British artist Andrew Logan, and fashion brands Vivienne Westwood and Alexander McQueen.

The brand name, Fennec London, originated when we visited the Natural History Museum in London and saw an exhibit of a fennec fox. With its huge ears and bushy tail it was the cutest, most characterful, and fun animal we had ever seen. We researched this adorable mammal, the smallest living fox (the size of a Chihuahua dog), and decided that it epitomised what we wanted our scarves to be.

We realised that it is challenging to find a beautiful quality silk scarf that is exciting and unique, yet suitable for wearing to work or an occasion, stylish for any age and gender, and which is ethically produced in England. We set out to create such a scarf. A scarf that will:

• add a fashionable look to an office uniform and easily transform that same uniform into a stylish cocktail or sexy party outfit

• help to start a conversation at an event, or

• create a cheeky story for a tired child on a trip.

The scarf should have innumerable, simple wearing options through a versatile pattern and also be a matching, exciting, everyday accessory for: couples, mothers and sons, fathers and daughters, in fact any member of the family, including their pets.  In seconds the scarf will turn Dad and Granddad, on the school run, into “The Cool Ones”. It will be a gift for a new-born to be worn throughout a lifetime and, importantly, make the wearer feel better, and cause everyone to smile.

From all of this was born the idea of producing a very creative and detailed piece of art: funny stories about animals, hand drawn on paper, and then one to one transferred to silk, or art paper, to consistently achieve the highest quality of reproduction.

We live in London, and it is said that wherever you are in London, there is a rat within 10 metres of you. Our study of rats showed that they are very intelligent animals and great loving pets, often mistreated without any reason, mainly because of commercial images.  We read a story about a pet rat that left her cage at night and picked up all the credit/debit cards and banknotes from a table and took them back to her cage.  She then put the cards around the walls and made a nest for her newborn babies in the middle on the banknotes. Just useful material to her! What else could a rat do with banknotes? That’s why our first design animals are rats; happy and smart ones. You can see them on Fennec London scarves and rotatable art prints - proving that our Art Team has a great imagination!

Vivienne Westwood once said, “Buy less, choose well, make it last”. We believe it is the best description for Fennec London elegant scarves - art, created specially for wearing, with the wearer in mind, to wear all year around, and for many years to come.

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