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Welcome to Fennec London, a world of unique silk scarves

Fennec London is the English luxury silk scarf brand. The brand name, Fennec London, was born when we visited the Natural History Museum in London and saw an exhibit of a fennec fox. With its huge ears and bushy tail it was the cutest and funniest animal we had ever seen.

Each of our scarves is a unique, funny, hand drawn story about English animals and currency; art created for wearing by men and women, and for sharing with your loved ones: partner, children, pets - all your family. Fennec London scarves and pocket squares are ethically made and hand rolled in England.

Our designs are also available as special limited edition rotatable fine art prints, printed in London on English fine art paper. We support British manufacturing by ethically making our scarves, prints and their packaging in England.

In this blog we look forward to updating and inspiring you on silk scarves, trends, London art and luxury fashion, and sharing with you stories on creating Fennec London scarf designs.

Is there anything you would like to read about in our blog? Drop us a line to We look forward to hearing from you!

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